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Themed Parties

Themed Parties

In order to be attractive and build your prestige, dress up your events in a different attire every year! The same venue, the same participants and, sometimes, the same artists and entertainers can create an event that’s entirely different from the previous one. The talent of Your Fun Studio consists in offering you plenty of themes, of creating new ones or rebuilding on the existing ones. Our creativity is put to the service of our customers. Below you can find a list of examples for impressive themes:

The 60s Rock’n’Roll Teenagers
Nights in Cuba The 50’s
Flower Power Harry Potter
The 70’s Hollywood
Car wash Movie Night
Disco Horror Night
Alice in Wonderland Halloween
1001 Nights Nights in India
Back To School Bollywood
The 80’s James Bond
Nights in the Caribbean In the jungle
At the Tropics Nights in Africa
On the beach Las Vegas
Nights in Hawaii Casino Royale
Nights in China Carnival
Nights in Japan In Rio
Far East In Venice
At the circus Salsa
A night in Egypt Medieval nights
Fire and Ice Elizabethan nights
Formula 1 On the frontlines
Grand Prix In the army
Monte Carlo Roman Empire
Nights in France In space
Moulin Rouge In the future
A night in Paris In the ocean
Gangster Party Masked ball
Chicago London West End
The 20’s Wild West
Grease Nights in Alaska

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