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It is essential for our client  to keep permanent contact – before and after the event – with our Team Manager. He or she are fully responsible for solving any incidents or problems that may occur during the events. Depending on  the participants tonus, the Team Manager can suggest various energising activities or other activities that will smoothen the rhythm. For the Master of Ceremonies, the Fun Team Manager should be his or her right hand. The Fun Team Manager will interact with all guests, inviting them to play and by explaining the games rules.

The so called“Fun dealers” have as a main role leading the table games. They will teach players various hand signals that can be used during the game, they will handle the equipment and accessories’ and will also show tips & tricks related to the games. “Fun dealers” also keep the scores and announce the start/the end of each round.  They will take breaks when instructed by the Team Manager.

The technical team deals with the set up and the packing of the equipment. We may often  encounter difficulties in transporting this equipment inside the various locations. It is recommended that the host informs us about this in due time, so that we prepare an action plan if needed.

 Entertainers: actors, animators, artists- they back-up our team when we have a special theme to set up or when we need to diversify activities during the parties. The important thing we keep in mind is to follow the event plan and keep the show going.  If something unexpected occurs, we count on our intuition and spontaneity to solve any situation!

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