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Your Fun Casino

Your Fun Casino

Your Fun Casino is one of the most popular entertainment moments in Europe and USA. Your Fun Casino is the entertainment moment that can set the tone of your whole event, whether it`s recreating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere or reiterating the typical fun, one can find on cruise ships and popular cities like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.

Your Fun Casino gives you the chance of learning, trying and having fun while playing renowned games like the American Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold`em or Casino Stud Poker in a safe, risk free environment. Everything is set in place for the amusement of your guests and for helping them step into the chosen theme: Monte Carlo Night, James Bond Night, Cuban Night and many more.

Moreover, Your Fun Casino can provide special decorations, themed characters, artists and entertainers that can make your event complete. Our offer includes involvement mechanisms for your guests at any type of event – gala, cocktail, corporate party, even a small team building.

In order to mark your events with a distinctive company note, we can offer a series of branded equipment and souvenirs. All you need to do is choose whatever fits best.

Your Fun Casino covers all Romania and can offer representations in different international languages, so that all guests feel welcomed and treated with the deserved attention.

Foto credits: Alex Sava | RG&B Images. These images may not be used without permission from Your Fun Studio.

Foto credits: Alex Sava | RG&B Images. These images may not be used without permission from Your Fun Studio.



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