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What we do

Your Fun Studio offers you special entertainment events and distinctive, memorable events. Your Fun Studio is inspired by the world of cruise ships, the glamorous world of American casinos, the adventures of fiction characters from famous novels and movies, and our travels around the world. Your Fun Studio services guarantee the success of unique events. We invite you to go through the categories of services we make available to you.

1. Events and entertainment concepts

Whether you have in mind an event with a big attendance, or a singular moment of entertainment at a conference or at a party with your business partners, the distinctive note of the event is determined by its concept. When we define the event concept, we take into consideration the topic of your event, the format of your event, the creative scenario, and we also focus on involving attendees in an interactive, memorable fun experience. Experience has shown us that what matters most during an event is not how many logistics it includes, but the way  the connection is created between the environment and decorations with the event’s highlights and your guests, in order for them to remember a fun and unique experience.

2. Event planning

The secret of successful events continues with good planning. In planning your events and your entertainment moments, Your Fun Studio can work with you side by side, with your company representatives. The other alternative is to do it all for you. The results you will see are going to be the event’s agenda and the detailed agendas for each entertainment moment or entertainment area. You will also receive enclosed a general budget plan and a detailed budget.

3. Event management

Working behind the scenes, the people making up Your Fun Studio`s team have an experience of over 10 years in organising and coordinating corporate events, marketing and communication activities, and necessary logistics. Your Fun Studio has the capacity to coordinate, control and adjust the program, human resources and logistics. Thus, our customers will be the perfect hosts that guests hope will be greeting and accommodating them at an event.

4. Event production

Behind the scenes, Your Fun Studio handles everything in event production: supply and mounting of decors, equipment, souvenirs and gifts. Cost optimisation is our ongoing concern and also one aspect on which customers place a high importance in event production. Details make the difference!

5. Event promotion

In order to reach the target audience and create the right kind of expectations among guests, another step to be performed professionally is the event promotion. Should you want a particular presence in launching your product or at a specialised conference, or should you want your guests to show up wearing a certain attire, or should you just want to effectively communicate the venue and time of the event you organise, Your Fun Studio offers you a rich palette of solutions for your event`s promotion.

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