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Our expertise

Elite events have a few distinctive characteristics: timely event organization, thorough design of the event scenario, careful selection of artists and animators for the event, thorough budget design, and careful coordination of the communication prior to and after the event.  Your Fun Studio contributes with its dedication, professionalism and talent to the success of your events. The events we offer are singular indeed – and besides that, there is something extra we keep in mind: the smiles of the host and guests are the most important. Having experience in organising events in more than 14 industries, Your Fun Studio offers entertainment and organizes the following event categories:

Corporate parties & events

Corporate parties and events are often the most special experiences one offers to their business partners, customers, collaborators and employees. Your Fun Studio gives you the opportunity of standing out through uniqueness, quality and style. Guests will have the chance to feel special, will enjoy a learning experience and will have the opportunity to loosen up in an unusual, fun environment.

Conferences, congresses, seminars

Events that involve a large number of participants and last for several days need some moments that would provide relaxation and stimulate interaction. Your Fun Studio moments are ideal for conference, congress and seminar opening or closing evenings.

Themed parties

Themed parties count among the funniest events we organise. Guests embody famous characters, offer representations in line with the theme, decors are tailored to the selected theme, and Your Fun Studio enters the scenes. Extraordinary stage designs are the stars of these parties. Want to see more ideas?

Cocktail parties and gala evenings

What makes a cocktail party more special than others? Here is our answer: the organizers’ ability to convey an original note to this event. Gala evenings involve the idea of sophistication, elegance and style. Your Fun Studio has the power of raising the bar on fun atmosphere at such events through an association between image and entertainment moments.

Fundraising and charitable events

Your Fun Studio takes part in our community’s events. Fundraising and charitable events are very popular abroad, and for these events we make available stage designs and scenarios that will give back a lot of fun and great memories to those who donate to the community.

Product launches and exhibitions

If launching a product, Your Fun Studio`s team can support organise an event that would compliment both products and potential customers. If you have an exhibition stand at an exhibition, Your Fun Studio can animate it, thus drawing the attention of visitors and involving them in specific, well designed fun activities. At the same time, the exhibition’s organisers can offer an entertainment area for visitors, and thus convey a special character to this event.

Team activities & Sport events

In a smaller environment, Your Fun Studio adapts its moments to stimulate strategic thinking, team work, competitive spirit and adaptation to unforeseen situations. One of the most appreciated lessons is the one related to attitude towards risk. Team members will discover characteristics and reactions they weren’t suspecting or being aware of before! In a team building, Your Fun Studio is a learning and personal development tool.

Networking events, reunions

Your Fun Studio has systems that stimulate interaction between guests, and these are ideal for networking and reunion events. Your Fun Studio is characterised by communication and the pleasure of meeting people and their companies. We can say we successfully participated in implementing quite a few successful ideas.

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